Link Round Up

I spend perhaps more time than is healthy on the internet. I read lots of fascinating articles and blogs and I’ve got a lot of friends who are making cool art and putting it on the web so I’d love to be constantly sharing links on my Facebook or Twitter, but I always act under the assumption that the more you post, the less people pay attention to you. So I want to start aggregating these links into semi-regular blog posts. Here’s some internet stuff that caught my eye this week .

My dear friend, Hailey, a fabulous collagist, is doing a diary series on the incredible site/collective Babe Vibes. This week’s post of hers rocked me, like literally. I got goosebumps and was tearing up about it. I love the juxtaposition of grainy flowers and text messages containing positive, boundary setting messages. I am such a fan of every piece of work this lady does.

My friend Julia shared this blog post on Facebook this week and I love it so much. The piece discusses that what is usually considered self care is often coping mechanisms - things that aren’t necessarily long term healthy or sustainable. The essay argues that we need to move away from self care towards community care, which I LOVE. Capitalism and the individualism it prizes has forced us to spend money and other resources to get what we need, when if we cared for our community, our people could offer us these things, transaction free. It was cool to read a piece that kind of confirmed how my thriving current lifestyle is operating. In the last year, I’ve had to get vulnerable and ask for help and care from friends and it has been successful in multitudes. Take care of your people!! Let people take care of you!! (Incidentally, I read an article last week that confirmed that healthy relationships are one of the best indicators of health and wellness!)

This article from NPR this week was so important in helping me see perspective. It discusses a viral picture of pre-peeled oranges which were packaged in plastic containers and how they were condemned for being wasteful. Seems straightforward, right? The thing is, people with mobility issues struggle to peel oranges and do other food prep of raw ingredients. Should they be stuck with eating only canned fruits and veggies for the rest of their lives? There’s value in caring for the environment, but if the absolutism in making that a priority makes the quality of life for the actual people living on this world worse, I’m gonna say, plastic containers are a-ok.

This week was the primary election in Michigan and my Facebook was aflush with posts about participating in the election, which was so sweet. I really hope this hype doesn’t fizzle out after the presidential elections à la 2010 when the millenials returned to apathy after Obama’s election and Republicans were able to gain seats in the house and senate. Michigan *felt the Bern* and lots of good puns and memes were made. This meme has seriously had me cackling all week. I don’t know, I’m a simple lady.

I also saw this series of tweets about how the media discusses minority votes and I thought it was important to share! We gotta stop thinking that minority groups are monoliths. I have no influence over media obviously, but we can take this message into account in our own lives too!!!

To end on a note that seems superficial but ISN’T, this week Kim K tweeted a very hot nude selfie and the internet broke, as it is wont to do. Chloe Grace Moretz, Pierce Morgan, Bette Midler and other folk with WAY less social capital than Kim tried to get a slice of her engagement pie via slut shaming. Fuck that, seriously. Kim responded with some choice and funny words and of course lots of content was spilled about the whole thing. Some of my favorite hot takes on the story came from Ayesha Siddiqi, an incredible writer and Editor in Chief of The New Inquiry, an internet publication with INCREDIBLE culture writing. Here’s just a few of them, but they resonated hard with me.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend filled with sunshine, good articles and delicious food. <3 <3